What does Friedrich & Weik Vermögenssicherung do exactly?

Friedrich & Weik Vermögenssicherung offers customized asset protection strategies for private individuals and for enterprises on a fee basis. Friedrich & Weik developed the “Seven Pillars” asset protection strategy. This extremely broad and conservative diversification strategy is based on investments in real goods, i.e. physical assets. Friedrich & Weik Vermögenssicherung wants you to understand your investments so that you can protect your enterprise or private assets and be well prepared for any crisis.

Why should you choose Friedrich & Weik Vermögenssicherung?

Friedrich & Weik Vermögenssicherung openly says what many people are thinking. Without a doubt, the current situation looks precarious. Friedrich & Weik Vermögenssicherung discusses potential scenarios with you that banks, insurance companies and many financial services providers don’t even consider, and shows you options for alternative investments in physical assets. At the end of 2011, Friedrich & Weik already wrote in their book Der größte Raubzug der Geschichte (English working title: “The Greatest Heist of All Time”) that the next bank bailout would take place at the expense of depositors. This became a harsh reality for the first time in the eurozone in Cyprus in the winter of 2013. Likewise, Friedrich & Weik warned early on of the fall in the value of Zynga, Demand Media and Groupon shares. Without a doubt, you would be hard pressed to get reliable information from any banker, financial services provider or insurance representative about the possible consequences for your investments in the event of rampant inflation, the bursting of the real estate or bond bubble, the possible break-up of the eurozone, a sovereign default of individual countries in the eurozone or even a currency devaluation.

What ROI can I expect?

Friedrich & Weik Vermögenssicherung won’t promise you “pie in the sky”. If you are looking for “big returns”, Friedrich & Weik Vermögenssicherung is not the right partner for you. The days of ROI are over. Friedrich & Weik Vermögenssicherung’s primary focus is capital preservation and asset protection. If you are able to get 60, 70 or maybe even 80 percent of your assets through the crisis, you will be among the winners. Experience shows that the majority of the population loses a large part of their wealth in major crises. Friedrich & Weik Vermögenssicherung sees the positive performance of investments in physical assets as a nice “side effect”.

Where can I get brochures/informational material?

Friedrich & Weik Vermögenssicherung doesn’t have glossy brochures nor do we offer one-size-fits-all solutions. We create each strategy in close collaboration with our clients based on their very unique scenario or scenarios.

Where do you provide consulting services?

Our consultation takes place at your enterprise, in your home or in the offices of Friedrich & Weik Vermögenssicherung.

What does the value of the assets in question have to be for consulting by Friedrich & Weik Vermögenssicherung to make sense?

Consulting by Friedrich & Weik Vermögenssicherung makes sense for assets with a total value of €50,000 or more.

Does Friedrich & Weik Vermögenssicherung offer asset management services?

No. Friedrich & Weik Vermögenssicherung’s philosophy is that every person should always be responsible for their own assets and should never let external agents manage them.

Does Friedrich & Weik Vermögenssicherung work for banks or insurance companies?

No. Friedrich & Weik Vermögenssicherung is independent. Friedrich & Weik Vermögenssicherung does not work for banks or insurance companies.

How can I make an appointment?

If you are interested in making an appointment with Friedrich & Weik Vermögenssicherung, please call +49 711 506 299 60 or send us at info@fw-vs.de.